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​Inclement Weather Policies:


We will hold practice during rain but will have swimmers exit the pool if the rain gets too heavy and the coaches cannot see the bottom of the pool.

If coaches hear thunder, observe lightning, or receive notifications from our weather apps that lightning is within 10 miles, we will have to postpone practice for 30 minutes. Swimmers will exit the pool and be asked to head towards the classroom area of the facility.

Every time thunder or lightning is observed we “reset” the time out of the pool back to 30 minutes.

If our 30- minute wait time takes us past the halfway point for practice, we will cancel.

Please make sure your swimmer either has their cell phone or has their parents number memorized.


Our High Temperature Plan/Procedures are in line with the recommendations with Sierra Nevada Swimming/USA Swimming Guidelines. Water/Air Temp Score is achieved by adding those two values together:
Water/Air Temp score of 180-184
A combined water/temperature score of 180 as an indication that practices may be cancelled and at the least should be modified. Athletes with medical conditions such as asthma should be encouraged to significantly modify or forgo practice. Our staff will build in cooling/water breaks. Swimmers are moved to shady areas for portions of the workout while on a water break. We also strongly encourage the athletes to bring two water bottles to high temp workouts.

Water/Air Temp score of 185+
A combined water/temperature score of 185 we will cancel practices until the conditions improve. If practices are held, significant modifications are strongly recommended.

If the reported Air Quality Index (AQI) is over 150 (RED- Unhealthy level) the practice will be canceled. Coaches will note to modify their workouts and observe swimmers closely when the AQI falls into Orange Level (AQI 101-149, Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups). Air Conditions can change rapidly, and on at risk days coaches will be monitoring the situation using weather apps and checking AirNow.gov regularly. If conditions worsen through a workout staff may make the decision to cancel workout.


The pool temperature in the competition pool is kept between 78-80 degrees. The swimmers are generally much warmer than the coaches!

If the water temperature drops below 76 degrees the staff will let the City of Roseville staff know and modify the workout.

If the air temperature drops below 32 degrees the coaches will monitor the situation and take into consideration other factors (wind speed).

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