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Team Suits, Caps, and Wolf Wear

We will be using a new vendor this year to supply our team suits for the next two seasons. We are excited that we do not anticipate any problems with availability through this new vendor. The design will include our logo and be on a primarily black suit; prices will be $62 for the girls suit and $42 for boys. The design for the suit is in the process of being finalized, and we expect to announce the new suit at parent orientation on 3/19. 

We will have a sizing kit available on deck and will share the link to order as soon as it is available. We encourage families to buy a new suit this year as we will keep it for two years. However, as in years past a solid black suit or previous team suit still in good condition is also acceptable. Please keep in mind that suits will last longer if you rinse them out with cold water after each use and only wear them for meets. Swimmers can wear any competition-style suit for practices. Stay tuned for information on how to order Wolf Wear, including team silicone caps. A solid red or black cap is also acceptable for meets, and swimmers can wear any cap at practices.

Team Suit:

Team Suit purchase link: https://rytesport.com/collections/woodcreek-seawolves

  • You can order a team suit at any time.
  • We will have the sizing kits available during practice until Friday, April 26th. We strongly encourage you to try on a suit before placing your order as this brand fits differently than others.

Wolf Wear:

Wolf Wear purchase link: https://gic.graphics/collections/woodcreek-seawolves-swimming

  • The store closes on May 12th. It is unlikely that we will open the store again this season.
  • Unfortunately, we were just informed that the youth-size flannel pants are out of stock. We are SO sorry! We are looking for other options and will get you that information as soon as possible.
  • We will not have towels available to order this year. We place towel orders every two years so we will have options next year.

Personalized Team Caps: see BOD member on deck

  • All orders must be submitted and paid for by April 26th. This is your only chance to purchase a personalized cap.
  • Scan the QR code and complete the Google form.
  • After the form is submitted you must pay for your order. We accept exact cash, card, or Apple Pay.
  • Any order that has not been paid for by the end of practice on 4/26 will be deleted.
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