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PayPal Donations

To use PayPal for Swim-A-Thon donations:

Don't forget to enter the swimmer's name in the "Add a note" section

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The Details - 2019

2019 Woodcreek Seawolves Swimathon Fundraiser

Hello Seawolves swimmers and families…the season has begun! Time for our SWIMATHON!!

Swimathon: Tuesday, June 18th during regular practice times

We’re asking for 100% participation in this event! There will not be a make-up date this year, so please make sure you are at practice June 18th! If by chance you cannot make it, please make a donation instead!

Below is a list of FAQ’s. If you have any questions that are not addressed here, please contact Theresa Donovan at:

What is the Swimathon?

The swim-a-thon is our MAJOR FUNDRAISER for the season. This is what we do instead of selling wrapping paper or magazine subscriptions. Swimmers request donations from sponsors (family and friends), either per lap (one pool length) donations or lump sum donations. Each swimmer will swim as many laps as possible during their scheduled practice time, then collect the pledges from their sponsors.

Why is the Swim-A-Thon important?

The expense of running a high quality recreational team, with a professional coaching staff in a state-of-the-art pool is expensive, and registration fees cover only a nominal amount. Our swimathon earnings help pay for: socials, swim officials, stroke and turn judges, ribbons, the yummy food that we sell at our snack bar. We recently got new pop-up tents and a beautiful new grill and griddle. We helped pay for the gorgeous new scoreboard. Our Swimathon does a lot!

As our MAJOR FUNDRAISER, the Swimathon is the primary means the team raises money needed to operate a successful team. Our fundraising goal for the season is $18,000!! We can do it if everybody pitches in - PLEASE help us reach this goal.

How can I reach the goal of raising $70?

Our goal this year is $70 per swimmer and 100% participation. It should be easy to reach this goal….just follow the simple formula:

Ask 10 people for $7 each 10 x $7 = $70

Ask 7 people for $10 each $7 x 10 = $70

You will be surprised at how generous people will be when they find out that it’s for such a great cause!

Who do I ask for pledges?

Ask your friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, parents’ co-workers…ask anyone who may be interested in sponsoring you – and, of course, Mom & Dad! Some people like to donate 10 cents, 25 cents, or 50 cents a lap and enjoy seeing how many laps you’ll swim. Other folks would rather give you a lump sum of $10 or $20.

How do I ask for pledges?

If you are calling people on the phone, you could say: “Hi, this is (your name). I am on the Seawolves swim team and am participating in a swim-a-thon on June 10th. Would you be willing to sponsor me? My goal is to swim (goal #) of laps during my practice time to help raise money for my team. You can pledge per lap or a flat amount. I really appreciate your support!”

Brag about how many laps you swam last year, and say that you think you can beat it this year!

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes, all donations are tax deductible. Our non-profit tax ID number is 68-0413329. Donation Receipts with our tax ID # are available at , under documents Donation Receipt.

Who are the checks made out to?

Checks can be made payable to Woodcreek SeaWolves. Cash is also accepted and appreciated! If you have some sponsors that have not sent their pledge money by the deadline, please write out one check and then collect the money from them. Making a copy of your pledge form to keep at home is a great suggestion if you are collecting monies after the deadline.


Donations can also be made through the PayPal account at This is a better option for those who may want to make a pledge but do not live in the area. If paying through PayPal please include the swimmer’s first and last name in the note section before sending.

When do I collect the money?

You can collect the money at any time. All per lap donations will be collected after the event, but flat amount donations can be collected at any time! Our lap counters will let you know how many laps you swam on the day of the Swimathon, and then you can collect from your sponsors.

Where can I get an additional pledge form?

You can get additional copies at under documents, Seawolves Swim a thon pledge form, can be filled out and printed there for the handwriting challenged ☺

Don’t wait until the last minute! All pledges must be turned in by Friday, June 28th. T-shirts and prizes will be awarded quickly thereafter. Pledges can be turned in anytime from tomorrow through June 28th. Please place them in the SWIMATHON FOLDER. Several times during the week I will be on deck as well if you’d prefer to hand deliver any envelopes/pledges.

Copies of these forms will also be available in a separate folder in the family boxes. All pledges, with completed pledge forms, should be placed in a letter size envelope and put into the Heller family folder.

You can download the pledge form and the donation form online as well.

What to expect-

Little Caeser’s pizza and drink, complimentary for all swimmers and volunteers. Music and fun during your laps! Swimathon t-shirt for swimmers who bring in a minimum of $50.00 in donations…the only way to get one is to raise the money and swim!

Prizes!! Please share the attached prize list with your swimmer so they can see the great prize opportunities.

Key Dates:

NOW – print out your pledge form and start asking for pledges!

June 18th – Swimathon

June 28th– Deadline for submitting pledge forms and donations

TBD- Prizes! We will work on getting prizes following the event ASAP!

Lap counters – we will have parents/volunteers counting your laps! Anyone interested in volunteering, please contact Theresa Donovan at – it’s a great way to earn volunteer points/hours before it gets super hot!


Start Now…Ask Everyone…It’s For Your Team! 

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