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Meets are held on Saturday mornings during May, June and July. The meets usually run between 7:00 AM and 2:00 PM. At League meets, swimmers will be placed in events so as to best help the team. Swimmers are not necessarily entered in their best stroke or event, but will be entered to best help the team in total points.

Swimmers who do not regularly come to practice may not be entered in Saturday or Championship Meets.

For Saturday morning meets, swimmers should arrive by 6:45 AM and check in with the coaches. Swimmers arriving late may be scratched from the meet. Swimmers should check in with the team parent after they have checked in with the coaches. Each swimmer is to report to and remain in his/her age group team tents. Parents should notify the team parent before taking a swimmer from the team tent.  If the swimmer is not in the team tent, it is the responsibility of the parent and/or swimmer to get to the swimmer to the event and lane. Team parents are responsible for assisting swimmers in the team tent to get to the ready bench area. (Only swimmers and ready bench volunteers are allowed in the ready bench area.)  If at any time a swimmer becomes a discipline problem, the parent will be asked to supervise their child.

Please do not send non-team members to the ready bench area or team tents. This is not a baby sitting service.

Entertaining items such as games, books, cards, etc., are suggested and may be brought to the team area, but not ready bench area.

At the conclusion of each meet, team members are expected to cleanup the pool area and help take down the meet.

Meets are much more interesting if you have an idea of what is going on. There are two basic categories of races, individual and relay. All relay races involve four swimmers on each team. The two relays that are swum in the NCSL are the Medley and Free relays. In the Medley, each of the four swimmers swims an equal distance in a different stroke. The first swims backstroke, the second breaststroke, the third butterfly and the fourth freestyle. In the Free relay, each of the four swimmers swims an equal distance of Freestyle. A relay team will be disqualified (DQ’ed) if a swimmer leaves the block before the preceding swimmer has touched or if any swimmer violates the rules governing that stroke.

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Meet Essentials

Swimmers are required to wear team suits to all meets.

A list of items that will come in handy:

  1. Cap
  2. Goggles plus a couple of spares!  (They break at inconvenient times.)
  3. Two Towels
  4. Sunscreen (Waterproof)
  5. Sleeping Bag or Blanket (and Pillow)
  6. Drinks (water, Gatorade, fruit juice)
  7. Snacks
  8. Toys or items to stay occupied (Games, cards, books, etc)
  9. Warm clothes for cold mornings (Sweats, T-Shirt, Shorts)
  10. Folding Chairs (some kids like cots) for kids and parents, and/or stadium chairs for the bleachers.
  11. Spray bottle with water or neck coolers for hot days
  12. Money for meet program, coffee, wolf wear,  snack bar, etc.
  13. Download the  Meet Mobil app to get the swim meet program.
  14. Hat
  15. Sunglasses
  16. Sandals or flip flops for hot pavement
  17. Hair Ties (Brush)
  18. Emergency Kit (inhalers, band aids, medicines, personal items)
  19. A pop-up shade structure for parents.

Swim suit design will typically be used for two consecutive seasons.  There is a new suit design for 2022, but last year's suit is can be used.

Information on team suits can be found at under the Suits, Caps &Towels Tab.

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Order of Events

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