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2023 Tryout results

Thank you so much for all your interest in tryouts this year! We know families have been eagerly awaiting this announcement so here we go…

Congratulations to the newest members of the 2023 Woodcreek SeaWolves team!

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2023 tryout information

Want to join the Woodcreek SeaWolves? Tryouts are SUNDAY, MARCH 5th at the MIKE SHELLITO INDOOR POOL!

UPDATE 2/3/2023 8:00 AM

Thank you so much for your interest! At this time, all timeslots have been filled, but we are actively working on opening up more. Please continue to check back for an update. You can also complete this contact form if you would like to be notified when we have an update. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

For Tryout Info and to reserve a timeslot, CLICK HERE

TRYOUT- AGE GROUP (OPEN SPOTS)- this will be updated shortly after returning registration has closed:
5-6: 24 SPOTS OPEN
7-8: 27 SPOTS OPEN
9-10: 5 SPOTS OPEN
11-12: 6 SPOTS OPEN
13-14: 16 SPOTSOPEN
15-18: 17 SPOTS OPEN


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2023 Tryout Information Handout

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Q: What time is swim practice? 

A: Swim practice is Monday thru Friday. The practice times vary depending on your child’s age group. They can start as early as 4:00 PM and end as late as 8:00 PM. 

Q: Do you have to go every day? 

A: It is highly encouraged to attend practice every day, but it is not required. We do want to see swimmers attend most practices because it will improve their stroke technique, endurance, and team unity. My child plays another sport in the spring and can’t attend all of the practices at that time. That’s okay! We understand that there are other sports and activities going on. Please communicate with your coach if you have another activity so they can plan accordingly. The more you are in the water, the more successful you’ll be. 

Q: I have heard about “Dry February”. What is that? 

A: The swim league we are under, Northern California Swim League, requires that anyone swimming on a recreational swim team cannot be in the water receiving instruction for the month of February. Starting March 1st you may attend a clinic, but there are restrictions on what you can and cannot do during the clinic. This does not apply to high school swimmers that are swimming for their high school team. 

Q: My child is signed up for swim lessons in February. Is that okay? 

A: Yes and no. If your child has never been registered for a recreation swim team, then you may continue taking swim lessons. If they were a registered swimmer on a recreational swim team in 2022, then they cannot receive any formal instruction in the month of February but can resume clinic or lesson-style instruction as long as it follows the NorCal swim league guidelines. 

Q: What’s a swim meet? 

A: A swim meet takes place almost every Saturday during the swim season. Check-in is typically around 6:45 AM and we are usually done cleaning up the swim meet by 2:30 PM. Half of our swim meets are at the Roseville Aquatics Complex (RAC) and the other half are hosted by other teams in our league. Each swimmer can swim up to 5 events- up to 3 individual races and 2 relays. It can make for a long day, but the memories and relationships created during the season will last a lifetime. 

Q: Do we have to go to every swim meet? 

A: No, you do not have to attend every swim meet. NorCal swim league requires you to attend a minimum of 2 conference meets in order to participate in Championships. The Woodcreek SeaWolves ask our swimmers to attend every swim meet they can for team spirit and to achieve as many PRs as they can. 

Q: Are there volunteer requirements? 

A: Yes, there are. Each family (not swimmer) is required to work a total of 16 points and 2 snack bar/BBQ shifts. In addition, all families must work 2 volunteer shifts and up to 2 snack bar/BBQ shifts during Championships. The volunteer points are calculated based on the job type and skill level required. There is a lot of downtime during swim meets and events. Volunteering is a great way to fill the time, help the team, and socialize!

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