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New Parent Orientation on Wednesday, March 25 has been CANCELLED. Please see your emails for more detailed information. 

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For More Detailed Information, Please Take a Look at our 2020 Tryout Handbook

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Q: How do I register my son/daughter for tryouts?

A: Registration for Tryouts is not required.

Q: What if I can’t make the first tryout (Tryout A)?

A: Tryout B will be held only if there are still openings in an age group after Tryout A. Please check the City of Roseville website to confirm openings in your child's age group and gender.

Q: Can I sign-up for the team prior to the tryouts?

A: Swimmers must attend tryouts to verify that they meet the minimum requirements to be eligible for the team. If there are less numbers of openings in an age group and gender than there are number of children who tryout, we will take the more advanced swimmer(s).

Q: What can I expect when I come to the tryout?

A: When you arrive at your tryout, you will be greeted by a Team Parent Board Member who will ask you to check in your swimmer. We will introduce the staff, briefly describe the tryout process and escort your child to the tryout area of the pool. We ask that parents wait in the bleachers during the tryout period. Coaches will call your child's name when it is their turn to tryout. They will be asked to perform the skill or stroke. After a child completes his/her tryout, they are free to go home.

Q: When will we know the results of the tryouts?

A: Results will be posted at the Roseville Sports Center, Roseville Aquatics Center, and the Mike Shellito Indoor Pool no later than 5:00pm the day of Tryout A and no later than 12:00pm the following day after Tryout B.

Q: Once a swimmer makes the team, does the swimmer need to tryout again next year?

A: Each family is required to volunteer a minimum of 14 volunteer hours during swim meets. If the family volunteer requirements have been met, swimmers in good standing do not have to tryout again next year.

Q: How do I know how many spots are open in each age group?

A: Available openings in each age group will be posted on the City of Roseville website.

Q: How many swimmers attend tryouts every year? How competitive is it to make the team?

A: The number of swimmers attending tryouts varies from year to year. There are usually more openings in the younger (6 and under, 7-8) age groups and the older (15-18) age group.

Q: What if I missed the tryouts this year?

A: California Capital Aquatics (CCA) and the City of Roseville offer Pre-Competitive swim team options. Information is available on the CCA website and the City of Roseville website.

Q: My child is currently 6 years old and turns 7 at the end of April. What age group will he/she tryout for: 6 and under or 7-8?

A: The age group that the swimmer competes in is determined by the swimmer's age as of June 15th.

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